Burning a Fall Scene on Leather


Burning a Fall Scene on Leather

Use colored pencils to bring this autumn scene to life

By Danette Smith


The natural color of vegetable-tanned leather is perfect for a fall theme, and you will love burning on leather. It doesn’t have grain, and the burning tip slides across it very smoothly. Just make sure you’re using vegetable-tanned leather, also known as tooling leather; chemical (chrome)-tanned leather releases toxic fumes when burned. Chrome-tanned leather feels soft and floppy, while vegetable-tanned leather tends to be somewhat stiff. Vegetable-tanned leather is more expensive, but safety is worth the price.

Leather is soft and it marks easily, so don’t put pressure on the pen tip. Wash your hands thoroughly before you begin. Leather absorbs everything, including the oil from your skin. Use a paper towel to cover areas you are not working on.


For the pattern and more information on burning this fall scene, CLICK HERE to purchase Woodcarving Illustrated Fall 2017 (Issue 80).

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