Turtle Rising monochrome pyrography on relief carved silky oak.

Turtle Rising monochrome pyrography on relief carved silky oak.


Sue Walters – Pyrographic Gallery

Pyrographic Gallery

Sue Walters is a self-taught, internationally renowned, and award-winning pyrographic artist. After a career in horticulture, Sue began her pyrographic journey after receiving a burner as a present. She soon started designing and burning souvenirs for the Australian tourist industry—and found that the demand surpassed her supply! Her focus then shifted to extensively experimenting with various types of pyrographic techniques, eventually specializing in the areas of high realism, wildlife, and miniature burning.



Since then, her pyrography has garnered many awards at pyrographic and woodworking competitions in Australia and Canada including several Best in Show awards.

Sue’s passion for pursuing all that pyrography has to offer continues to this day, and she remains dedicated to passing on her knowledge to other aspiring burners.

A fifth-generation Aussie, Sue still calls Australia home. For more of Sue’s work, visit her website at www.suewalters.com.

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