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Pyrography 2010

The 2010 issue of Pyrography features a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. Pyrography is an annual magazine sold only on newsstands and via mail order; we do not offer subscriptions. It is also available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing,, 1-800-457-9112.


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In This Issue:


A Brief History of Pyrography
By Kathleen M. Garvey Menendez
While Pyrography is presumably an ancient art, its history is relatively recent




Inspired by Nature
Pyrographic artist Julie Bender captures the grace of nature




An Artist Apart
By Mindy Kinsey
Using thick tips and deep burning, Dino Muradian creates unique pyrography art




Creating a Beautiful World
David Kreider’s art is woven with his heritage, faith, and hope for mankind




Burning on Turning
Artists Molly Winton and John Noffsinger embellish turned wood with pyrography




Pyrography Styles
By Nedra Denison
Mix and match the four basic pyrography styles to achieve your own unique effects


Creating Pyrography Silhouettes

By Simon Easton
A fun and easy way to begin woodburning




Burn a Leather Bookmark
By Tracey Annison
Practice leather burning techniques with this quick and easy project




Creating a Painted Frame
By Linda Hatfield
Combine pyrography and painting to make a vibrant photo or mirror frame




Making a Custom Scrapbook Page
By Lora S. Irish
Use paper burning techniques to create a vintage postage stamp photo frame




Making a Gourd Trinket Box
By Dan Dunin
Simple techniques transform a shapely gourd into a stunning lidded box




Winter Birdhouse
By Lora S. Irish
Create this impressive scene using only three woodburning nibs


Small Mill
By Cheryl Dow
Practice basic techniques with this tranquil landscape




Celtic Border Plate
By Simon Easton
Bold knotwork design makes a stunning decorative accent




Elegant Rose
By Debbie Pompano
Simple outlining and shading strokes create a delicate bloom




A Charming Horse
By Orchid Davis
Flowing mane provides an excellent lesson in burning curved lines

Getting Started

Building a Basic Kit for Pyrography
Compiled from information provided by Lora S. Irish, Sue Walters, and Simon Easton
Additional tools and equipment will increase your enjoyment




Choosing a Pyrography Machine
Select the right tool for your style and budget
By Simon Easton




Selecting the Right Nib
Combine the right nib with the correct technique to produce the desired effect
By Sue Walters




Pyrography Machine Buyer’s Guide
Choose the right woodburner for you
By Bob Duncan




Play It Safe
Avoid harming yourself and others by observing these safety tips
By Sue Walters




What to Burn: Materials or Pyrography
Exploring the different surfaces suitable for pyrographic work
By Sue Walters




Before You Burn
Good preparation is the foundation of great results
By Sue Walters


Understanding Tonal Values
Use shadows and contrast to create intentional focus in your work
By Lora S. Irish




Keeping it Clean
Easy methods to keep your tool tips clean
By Lora S. Irish




Creating Tonal Values
Use three distinct techniques to create light and dark areas
By Lora S. Irish




Creating Realistic Texture
Easy techniques produce a variety of effects
By Sue Walters




Adding Color
Highlight the details of your woodburned design with a splash of color
By Lora S. Irish




Troubleshooting and Fixing Mistakes
How to identify and correct errors
By Sue Walters




Preserving Your Project
Apply the proper finish so you can enjoy your woodburning for years to come
By Lora S. Irish

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