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Pyrography 2013

COVERThe 2013 issue of Pyrography features a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. Pyrography is an annual magazine sold only on newsstands and via mail order; we do not offer subscriptions. It is also available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing,, 1-800-457-9112.

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In This Issue:


WEB-TheHuntfortheStag-sGreat Gourds!
By Toni Fitzgerald
Pyrographer Jenn Avery uses a unique canvas for her exquisite designs



WEB-Platter-Tricia-Newell-sPyrography Gallery
By Kathleen Ryan




WEB-5-Bear-Skull-Peter-Deligdisch-sArtist Profiles
By Kathleen Ryan
Meet artists Cate McCauley, Ivaylo Hristov, Kathleen Marie, and Songda Ouedraogo


WEB-Affection-Lead-sBurning a Dark Background
By Minisa Robinson
Emphasize the highlights in a burning by creating a contrasting background



WEB-Elephant-Eye-Lead-sPracticing Pointillism
By Sue Walters
Use stippling (dots) to create a realistic design on a turned egg



WEB-Schwartz-Eye-Lead-sBurning Realistic Eyes
By Jo Schwartz
Practice and perfect your technique for creating eyes



WEB-Gourd-Lead2-sPreparing a Gourd
By Susan Zanella
Simple steps to safely prepare a gourd for crafting



WEB-Reflection-Duck-Lead-sCreating a Reflection

By Jo Schwartz
Learn how to capture the look of a reflection in water



WEB-Relief-Pyro-Lead-Img33231-MC-sRelief Pyrography
By Chip Jones
Combine relief carving with woodburning to create a portrait with depth



WEB-Rose-on-Canvas-sPyrography on Canvas
By Nedra Denison
Simple advice for burning on–but not through–cloth



WEB-Quilt-Practice-Board-sCrazy Quilt Sampler
By Deborah Pompano
Learn about tips and textures by making a pretty but practical practice board

Projects & Patterns

WEB-Gallery-Beads-sEmbellishing Beads
By Sue Walters
Make interesting wearable art by burning a commercial bead



WEB-Laramie-Horse-Lead-sSomewhere West of Laramie
By Adam Owen
Clever use of wood grain simulates ripples in water



WEB-Pumpkin-Lead-sColorful Fall Pumpkin
By Danette Smith
Woodburn on paper and add colors with oil pencils



WEB-Reflection-Candle-Lead-sMaking a Meditation Lantern
By Michele Parsons
Combine a simple frame with woodburned paper panels to create a luminaria



WEB-Deer-in-Woods-Lead-sWhitetail Deer
By J.R. Nuting
Stunning detail captures the spirit of this forest resident



WEB-Gourd-sGraceful Leaf Gourd
By Susan M. Zanella
Turn a hard-shelled gourd into a bowl embellished with pyrography and links



WEB-Mouse-Pad-Lead-silo-sBurning a Classic Leather Mouse Pad
By Michele Parsons
Detailed design decorates this functional project



WEB-Folk-Art-Pyro-Lead-sPyrography Prisms
By Sandra Rede
Add color to make your pyrography pop



WEB-iPhone-Case-Lead-sCool Case for Mobile Devices
By Simon Easton
Customize your phone or tablet with a cover design inspired by crop circles



WEB-SeaShells-sSoothing Sea Shells
By Jo Schwartz
Use shading, not lines, to show the texture of these shells



WEB-Leather-Coaster-Lead-sZentangle-style Leather Coasters
By Michele Parsons
Use permanent markers to add color to these cool coasters


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