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Pyrography 2016

PYRO 2016 Book FC-BOOKThe Spring 2016 issue of Pyrography features a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. Pyrography is an annual magazine sold only on newsstands and via mail order; we do not offer subscriptions. It is also available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing,, 1-800-457-9112.


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In This Issue:


WEB-Gonzales-Feature-sBeauty Appears

By Kathleen Ryan

Artist Juan Carlos Gonzales says that patience is the key to pyrography



WEB-Helfer-Feature-s“Why Not” Wood Burning

By Kathleen Ryan

Fay Helfer combines pyrography with natural pigments to create artwork inspired by nature, humor, science, and lighthearted randomness


WEB-Frost-Feature-sFrost in the Forest

By Kathleen Ryan

Environmental artist Stuart Frost uses pyrography to transform trees into towering artworks



WEB-Dog-Plate-sTinting Technique

By John Noffsinger

Combine burning, bleach, and dye to create delicate color



WEB-Textures-Study-sAdd Realism with Texture

By Michele Parsons

Techniques to create the look of textures using a burner



WEB-Word-Art-sMaking Word Art

By Danette Smith and Mindy Kinsey

Turn your favorite letters, quotes, and names into trendy art


WEB-Egg-Basket-sMaking a Keepsake Basket and Eggs

By Michele parsons

Start an Easter tradition by burning personalized eggs for your family



WEB-Owl-Pendant-sOwl Pendant

By Tonya Allan

Decorate this feathered friend with whimsical designs



WEB-Shamrock-Egg-sSt. Patrick’s Day Gourd Ornament

By Jenn Avery

Use embossing powder to add durable color to a burned design



WEB-Birdhouses-sWhimsical Bird Houses

By Henriette Corbeil

Combine various shading techniques to portray these realistic birds and fantasy houses



WEB-Ugly-Gourd-sMaking the Most of Flawed Gourds

By Ralph and Mary Gonzales

Imperfect gourds make perfect landscapes for fantasy creatures



WEB-Sneakers-sMake Your Shoes Stand Out

By Michele Parsons

Burn a unique design on canvas shoes



WEB-Sparrow-Portrait-sWoodburning a Sparrow

By Sharon C. Bechtold

Use a light touch to create realistic feathery texture



WEB-Country-Road-sCountry Roads

By Carol Wallace

Capture the heart of America with these five tranquil scenes



WEB-Walking-Sticks-sBurning on a Walking Stick

By Jo Schwartz

Add a personal design to this hiking necessity



WEB-Russian-Plate-sKhokhloma Folk-Art Plate

By Larisa Sviridova

Adept traditional Russian patterns for pyrography



WEB-Bark-House-sWoodburning a Fairy Cottage

By Steve Russell

Carve a simple house from cottonwood bark and embellish it with a woodburner



WEB-Bird-Nest-sNesting Birds

By Henriete Corbeil

Welcome sprong with caricature birds



WEB-Pyro-Clock-sPyro-Tangle Clock

By Jo Schwartz

Fun, easy project lets you practice pen strokes and play with shading



WEB-Wildlife-Patterns-sBackyard Wildlife

By Kelly Dean

Nature photos provide woodburning inspiration

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