Pyrography 2018

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Pyrography 2018

The 2018 issue of Pyrography features a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. Pyrography is an annual magazine sold only on newsstands and via mail order; we do not offer subscriptions. It is also available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing,, 1-800-457-9112.

In This Issue:


Art … Pure and Simple

By Kathleen Ryan

Inspired by the outdoors, John Houle uses natural elements to create portraits of the world around him

Technicolor Dreams

By Kathleen Ryan

Merideth Berthiaume breaks all the rules to create works saturated in color and details

Achieving a Burning Ambition

By Simon Easton

An impossible idea can sometimes result in something awesome. Pyrography helped it happen for me

Artist Profiles

Meet artists Alexandra Glueckler, Hubert Van de Sande, and Angus Jackson

Pyrography Gallery


Beautiful Butterfly Practice Gourd

By Jenn Avery

Experiment with shapes, texture, and shading while you make a “gourd”geous spring project

Burning Fur Texture

By Minisa Robinson 

Five tricks for making perfect fur on your animal projects

7 Super Simple Shading Techniques

By Michele Parsons

Master these methods and you’ll be able to shade any object

Coloring Your Pyrography

By Karen Hundt-Brown

Adding a splash of color can help a project pop

Learning Letters

By Jo Schwartz

Monograms and messages are hot trends. Turn them into pyro projects with these two easy techniques

How To Fight Fading

By Lora Irish

Pyro projects fade over time. Or do they? Learn what’s going on and what to do about it


By Jo Schwartz

Once you learn the basic technique, it’s easy to burn any texture, style or ‘do

Burning Buildings

By Lora Irish

Learn to burn common construction materials, and then combine them in an easy rustic scene


Making a Paper Fan

By Michele Parsons

Get ready for warmer weather (and practice your water and cloud techniques) with this beach-themed project

Mushroom Doodle Board

By Lora Irish

Use playful patterns to create a unique garden scene

Burning the Birds and Bees

By Cate McCauley

A surprise method helps balance the intense burning and lush color of this gorgeous paper project

Home Sweet Home Plaque

By Deborah Pompano

Combine a sepia burn with delicate watercolor to create a dreamy garden scene

Penguin Embrace

By Susan Robey

Make a charming gift any parent will appreciate

Hatching a Horse

By Lora Irish

Use an old-school shading method to create a faux engraving

Sunny Flower Box

By Jo Schwartz

Practice basic techniques while you make a great Mother’s Day gift

Burning “Mona Lynxa”

By Minisa Robinson

Use shading, not outlines, to create the sly smile and sleek fur of this wild cat


Easy Tags

By Jo Schwartz

Use your woodburner to make everyday objects a little more special

Green Man on Leather

By Lora Irish

Supple leather is an ideal surface for burning this traditional icon of nature


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